life:: the BIG PUSH 2.0

I kinda let several paint projects pile up recently, until I was whoosh, inspired.

Then I was like, PAINT ALL THE THINGS!!

You may remember my little cushion & footstool endeavors so that I will be an incredibly cool crazy old cat lady/hooker.

Well if I’m going to get all matchy-matchy here, I need a little notion box to be my catchall for ends, hooks, scissors, etc., right?

notion box

BAM! UFO #2 done :)

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  1. Hildo · April 29

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!


  2. marketingtcs · April 29

    when you bam, you really bam good!!!


  3. rainbowjunkiecorner · April 29



  4. tgonzales · April 29

    Such a cute little painted box. Love it. Hugs, Tamara


  5. Hannah Ackroyd · April 29

    This is gorgeous! I love the satisfaction of FINALLY finishing something!


  6. Maryanne · April 29

    Gorgeous! The colours are FAB – I’m sure you invented them right, every time I see them together, I think of your cushion!!


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