crochet:: granny circle

I have found a wonderful yarn inspiration site:: Wow – I will never get any hooky-work done if I keep surfing all these wonderful links.  But it is so tempting to try out each and every one!!!

I was inspired by this talented blogger and yarn artist:: She has great patterns and tutorials!

Now I have a functional new piece of art to cushion my nightstand from the bitch slapping my alarm clock gets every morning.

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  1. Gillian · September 21, 2010

    Oh it’s Beautiful :)


  2. Crochet with Raymond · September 21, 2010

    It’s totally gorgeous! Love the colours….
    Beware, they’re totally addictive!


    • yarnchic40 · September 21, 2010

      Too true! I am just about finished with a second one to match for the other nightstand. Next…I am thinking of one for the center of the kitchen table…hmmm…I just might need to go yarn shopping! :)


  3. jacey conroy · September 21, 2010

    I too have just discovered icrochet, in fact that is where i found your blog, love your granny circle. x


  4. deb@virginia-blue · September 21, 2010

    This is so beautiful! Visiting here via iCrochet :)


  5. urmie · September 21, 2010

    oh my so lovely and so creative


  6. Maureen Smith · September 21, 2010

    Hi, My name is Moe Ijust got into crocheting. I am left handed and haveto reverse everything in my head. Ihave been making a lot of scarves this winter for family,friends and have actully sold a few.(That was a shock to even me. I am looking to keep busy during the spring and summer months. Your site is great.Moe


  7. Phyllis · September 21

    I love the look of this granny circle and really would like the pattern. Where is it?


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