not crochet:: hoarder level eleventy unlocked

If you are a pin hoarder like me, you have no doubt seen the pin with the hanger & shower curtain rings to group your tank tops, thus saving valuable closet space.

The cheap plastic shower curtain rings are $4 and a total pain to use. Have you tried to take down your shower curtain to wash it lately?  Yeah, that’s why I never buy the circular plastic shower rings anymore.

The shower curtain rings do not like being hung in the shower, let alone being regularly used for tank tops that will inevitably bunch together and end up smooshed to one side because of the weight of said tank tops.  It’s like the tank tops are trying to run away from the shower curtain rings because they know the rings hate everything.  

Yes, they know.

Solution:: belt & tie hanger from the dollar store

You’re welcome


crochet:: i’ll never be a foot model either…

Summertime is for making socks for wintertime.


I’ve been spending my free time on the deck making socks…I am a fascinating human being, no?


These are my go-to pattern:: Bluebird Lace Socks from Lion Brand Yarn’s book Just Socks.

I’m off to go be fascinating…try not to be jealous. HA!

crochet:: i’ll never make it as a hand model

Man do I love these mitts!

Last year at the Kansas Barn Sale, I got the pleasure of purchasing a pair from Tamara over at Crochet With Tamara.  I was immediately smitten and wore them all winter long. So when she shared where she got the pattern, they ended up on my queued for me list.  And then I promptly let them jump to the front of the line.


And while it is difficult to photograph your own chubby little hand, I had to share.


If you want to make a pair, head over to Moogly Blog :)


Happy day friend ~ thanks for stopping by!

crochet:: time for laundry on the line

It’s that time of year for me to go old-school and hang laundry on the line as often as possible.  Why you ask?  Because I can.

I reminds me of my childhood, of my son’s childhood, it saves me money and brings some simplicity to life.  I don’t know really…but mostly because I can and I like it.

I started to hang my own stuff out on the line when my son was a baby and we lived on the site of an old farmhouse that still had T-poles up from the 50’s.  We painted the steel poles and restrung them with new line out of nostalgia.  We found that we liked it.  We also had fabulous weather in southern Ohio, and could use the clothesline for many months of the year.  If you hang laundry on the line, you obviously need somewhere to keep your clothespins.  I picked up a cheap fabric clothespin bag at the store and got to work.

Fast forward 20ish years and that cheap bag is frayed and icky.  Necessity being the mother of invention and all, I made a replacement.  I repurposed the metal hanger inside and voila, a brand new peg bag :)


It’s constructed of fingering weight wool that I felted.  I’m figuring it will last another 20ish years.  And with that I shall leave you to go hang my sheets on the line.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to

make today ridiculously amazing!

crochet:: i’ve actually been doing lots of making…just not so much sharing…

Life has been a blur for the past 6 months and I have finally gotten myself into a make-time-to-make-stuff groove.

I’ve been furiously making all manner of stuffage for the upcoming farmers’ market season.  The big problem I’m currently facing is that I have failed to contact any of the farmers’ market organizers to reserve space.  I am a friggin rocket-surgeon sometimes.  

In all this making, I have come to the conclusion that this may only really be my second full year at the market scene, but it will probably be my last until I retire.  I think I more enjoy the designing part than the mass production part and I have to keep a full-time job to pay my mortgage.  So, something’s gotta give.  I’m just trying to do too much with too little time to do it in.

Ok, now that I have wandered off topic yet again…

Just what have I actually been making?

I finished the project bag that was started in the fall, had a request for some wild colored slippers for my niece the Diva, tried my hand at some little polymer clay ring dishes, and have lots more to photograph.


 ….and I’ll leave you for today with some spring flowers. I hope your day is ridiculously amazing!

crochet:: updating my old sky scarf

Back 2012, I made a sky scarf.

I never wore it because I made it too large and used yarn that was too heavy.

sky scoodie

This year I fixed it.

sky scoodie 2

I added a hood.

And I actually wore it.

not crochet:: blenders, the multi-talented 8th wonder of the world

Did you know that blenders may be my all-time favorite small appliance?  If you knew, would you really care?  I’m gonna go with no on that second question, but I’m totally good with that.

But, did you also know that the same kitchen wonder can make both the perfect blended margarita as well as making your perfect shade of bronzer?  I KNOW, me either!

mineral make up 2

My current DIY quest has me making my own mineral makeup.

mineral make up

It’s like playing mad scientist ~ without the mess of blowing anything up or alerting the authorities ~ I should get my own show called Breaking Bland :)