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Bunny and Clover for the Fairy Garden

July 17, 2014


Over at The Grange Range there is a lovely project going on…think about donating, please?

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We have another little bright and colourful bunny to go into the Fairy Garden. Crochet BunnyI got this photo of him nestled into the garden greenery enjoying a spot of sunshine over the weekend. And have you seen his fluffy little tail? So cute!

Bunny with Fluffy Tail

Bunny came complete with his own supply of nourishment, these sweet little clovers.

Crochet CloverHe traveled all the way from western Iowa courtesy of Yarnchick40, thank you kindly!

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photography:: a one night stand or a long time love

July 14, 2014


Mother nature leaves me speechless since she only allows these beautiful blooms to last one night.


And then sometimes, she keeps a geranium alive for decades for many to enjoy it’s beauty.

crochet:: hats are the new black

July 11, 2014

l~o~v~e this babeh hat!!!

I will NEED to make this again.  Never wrote it down.  Hate when I do that. ARGHH!


This minion was a surprise for a friend from high school I saw a couple months ago.  She forgot we even had the conversation about Minion hats….bwahaha…I did not.

I sent it to her out of the blue and was immediately called only to be informed that she was already wearing it in Texas in July with a bikini.  THAT is my kind of life long friend!



Happy hooking!

photography:: cat of the day photo

July 8, 2014

Why do I even bother with fresh filtered water for these girls?


Within minutes of a rain storm one, then the other.


I could make MILLIONS if I bottled rain water for feline consumption…

goofy cats.

crochet:: to market we shall go

July 5, 2014

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a few weeks now and I’m just too gosh darn tired to write much.  So we will go with some photos of what I’ve been making lately.


And I might add that car coasters have been a HUGE hit!  Lots of special orders to match cars,  flowers that don’t look like flowers for boy vehicles…




I am almost completely out of stock, so I am taking a few weeks off from the farmer’s market circuit.  But I have learned valuable lessons for later this summer and next year.  It’s only up from here baby!!

I’ve done some charity projects in between and suddenly I am getting baby shower requests and early orders for Christmas.  I have so many WiP baskets set up in my living room I am in danger of getting thrown out of the house.  Not a bad problem to have unless you are irritating the spouse.  He’ll get over it, right?!


photography:: this is the wild, wild life!

July 2, 2014

DSC08283~ Little Dude (or one of his offspring) has resumed residence on my back deck even though his tree house umbrella was destroyed in a storm last year.  What a trooper!!~


~Droves of hummingbirds are making me a regular at the grocery store to buy 10# bags of sugar.  Beautiful but greedy little friends!~


~ Momma snapping turtle from the pond out back made the trek across my yard to lay her eggs across the street as she has every year for 10 in a row now.  I always love to see the babies trek back a few weeks later.~

~Make today ridiculously amazing!~

crochet:: bonbon

June 19, 2014

My talented and very funny friend Jill shared this BonBon Hat pattern recently.  While she is in the throes of a southern hemisphere winter and I am in the opposite, I still felt the need to try out her pattern.  I fell in love with it.  So wonderfully squishy and thick and warm.  Oh, and she told me about the Clover pompom maker ~ definitely worth getting!!!  My BonBon experience has been fabulous.  And I need fabulous in my life every damn day.


I also did not read her directions completely.  I was a skimmer.  This first attempt will definitely be for a toddler.  Adults do not have skinny heads.  The second one?  Well, it is just turning out fantastic and will be ready for wearing in November.

But for now, I am back to making car coasters and market bags and  group yarnbombing projects and you know, stuff.  My farmers’ market days are becoming a blur, but I am finally making a little money.   My Etsy shop has had visitors & purchasers galore.    So here is a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful friends in our little Share Week Group ~ let’s do that again soon!

Have a ridiculously amazing day!


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