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crochet:: me, in a hat, lol

October 30, 2014

I tried this slouchy beanie from Vickie Howell.

oct husker hat

~ as usual, a #NoBraSunday project on the deck with LOTS of tea ~

oct husker hat 2

As you can see I needed to use Husker colors for my friend, Miss Cortini.

And I must say that she looks much better in it than I do ;)

Great pattern btw, but I would suggest using a light weight yarn.  I used plain old RHSS and it turned out incredibly bulky and heavy, but then I never wear hats.

crochet:: spongebob is in the hooouuuuuse

October 27, 2014

The 19 y/o child that ordered this will be ever-so-stylish in this season’s hottest accessory.

spongebob 1

spongebob 2

I’m thinking of adding the pattern to my Etsy shop, what do you guys think? Will it sell?

crochet:: i don’t wear ‘em, but i sure make a lot of them

October 23, 2014


The kiddos love them some hats.

 Making them keeps me out of trouble.

Because we all know I need supervision.

 Like you should see the dress I bought!!  

I’m gonna get it dry cleaned, and I am going to wear the $hit out of that dress.  With high top sneakers and a new tattoo…and maybe some fingerless mitts with a matching shawl…check, check, check iiiitttttt ;)



It’s like my own super hero costume!

I found a crazy yarn chick’s hat that might go well with it ~ check that out on my fb page!

So anyway, back to the matter of hats.

Also Blamo!

my little pony 3

my little pony 2

minion hat crochet

my little pony 1

There are some super kids enjoying my newest creations.

not crochet:: longing for the melons of water

October 21, 2014

It’s no secret that I love sweet juicy watermelon.

watermelon wedges

For 20 years, when Frank has cut down a tree for firewood, if the starting wedge turns out nice, he brings them to me for garden art.

A little tea, a little sunshine, a Sunday morning on the deck, and a little paint.

Enough slices to share with the neighbor girls :)

not crochet:: last bits of my trip to wichita

October 17, 2014

Just a couple more things to show you that I bought on my trip last week.

I am using these charms for an upgrade to an older project that I’ll share soon.


sunflower pin

I fell in love with this knitted sunflower pin.

I may have to make some more flower pins, they are such a day brightener.  This one has been living on my purse since I got home :)

Thoughts?  Do you guys like flower pins too?

photography:: farm life has not jaded me

October 16, 2014

I used to be a city girl.

I’m married to a farmer.

I live in the corn belt.

My house is out in the country.

It’s no wonder I find farms noteworthy & photogenic.

kbs 6

kbs 16

photography:: chasing a plane chasing a train

October 13, 2014

On our trip home from Wichita last week we saw 4 of these jet bodies leaving the Boeing factory.

kbs 7


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